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IPNI Project on Validation of Fertilizer Recommendations for Soybean under High Yielding Crop Production Systems in Central and South of Russia, Krasnodar

Soybean pods from the following treatments (left to right): 1) Control; 2) Foliar fertilizer (NPKMgSBCuFeMnMoZn); 3) N6P26 + Foliar fertilizer. Seeds were inoculated and treated with Mo.

Date: July 21, 2016
Crop: soybean
Location: Europe, Russia
Program: EECA - Russia - Southern and Eastern

Research Photos: IPNI-2013-RUS-SOY56
Research Projects: IPNI-2013-RUS-SOY56
Image id: IPNI2016VNO07-1144

IPNI Crop Nutrient Deficiency Image Collection